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Industrijsko označavanje

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Automobile industry

Lasting and direct identification of products and components is a crucial prerequisite for completeness in the traceability of these and this is therefore always a requirement in quality assurance.


The process: Plain text comprising alphanumeric characters, special characters or a data matrix code is applied. The traceability of the components is thus assured at all times by such stored data as e.g. manufacturing plant and date/time of manufacture. For quality management this means clarity in the reconstruction of workflows and processes.


Identified in this way are amongst others, brake discs, ABS systems, exhaust systems, engine and transmission parts, as well as nameplates.


Our well-designed VIN-integrated solutions for scribing and stylus marking are positioned by automated or manual handling within the bare or painted body. The data for the marking process are furnished by the production host computer or are read out from data carriers.


Identification using special characters, 2D codes or chassis numbers, as well as marking with complex components, can be realized both in the scribing / stylus-marking technique and the laser-marking method.

Medical technology: Quality assurance in instrument management

Your benefits from marking instruments:

  • Process validation, traceability and documentation of the instrument flows
  • Recording of all data of relevance to QM
  • Inventory of the stock
  • Zero errors in putting the screens together
  • Permanent inventory = lower the stock holding
  • Increase the costs transparency and develop savings potential
  • Reduction of instrument losses
  • Control and documentation of repairs
  • Monitoring the number of sterilization runs for critical materials

... by individual coding with dot-peened data matrix code or plain text

  • Suitable for use on different materials and surfaces
  • Dot-peened code and plain text are clear and permanent
  • Serves process reliability preventing interchangeability
  • Marking is resistant to aggressive liquids, for example in cleaning operations
  • Safe with regard to cleaning
  • Data matrix code: Code for large quantities of data in the smallest space area
  • Data matrix coding per ISO/IEC 16022 meeting the specifications HIBC and GS1 possible

You can find further information about our marking solutions for medical technology here.

Steel industry

For complete traceability and for identification of the material properties like for example, the alloy or the rolling, lasting marking is also an important aspect in the production of steel for meeting quality requirements. Marking is possible both while still hot (up to 1050 °C) as well as in the cold state.

Railway industry

Marking in plain text or as data matrix codes is applied for the traceability of products in the railway industry. Such marking is often very deep and applied above all to the wheels and on the axles.